Pilots of the 99th ASTAG


A lone flower amidst the desolate wasteland of testosterone

99capera Web Design, Likes Cape Breton Isle
99Baddawg Web Design, Squadron busy body
99Boe Spike instructor
99Draken Web design, Official squadron Overclocker
99J69o Token Hillbilly.... Keeper of the Bong
99Lightfoot Collector of gifs. Dislikes snakes
99Magnum Tom Selleck in real life , we must respect his privacy
99Supercell Recruitment, Storm chaser, suffers from funnel fixation
99Ultima Squadron hooligan and E-Pimp 
99Realm Mild mannered Delivery boy by day,Supercop by night
99Avalanche capera's son & best friend
99Lazr New Mexican wild man
99Chip 'n Dale
99Maze West Coast Rocker
99Shadow Only he knows, Tire Kicker
99Osprey He knows Shadow, Tire Kicker
99Musket Magnums son.
99Tex The BEST DAM WINGMAN you could ever ask for.
99Rock NASCAR roadie
99Chappie Grand Pre Legends Guru
99Lefty The Reverend Tire Kicker
99NFG Paranormal Warrior
99Halfpipe Punk rocking skateboarding Kid
99LuLu2 Loves Lizards Carrier of "The Egg"
99Geckof Lizard ,Migratory, Hibernating mating Ritual
99Zipman SYSOP of BBS, Michelin Tire Kicker .
99Archer She makes sure Zipman eats his Wheaties !
99Josh Zipman's son
99Shogun Jack of all Trades , Master of Flight
99Avenger From the Cheese State, need anymore be said?
99Sundance 18 Wheels and a box of donuts
99SkyRaptor Cheezehead, Hunter of Wooly Mamoth
99PTB Official 99th plane washer
99Dadrabit Our very own Texas Ranger
99Gatso UK's Official Pub inspector
99Blomup Squadron chatterbox, CV takeoff supervisor
99IRONHD Never spill this man's drink.....NEVER
99Mollydog "hey, your not really dead, you get another plane"
99Sun2 Squadron Choir Boy
99Towser Last seen parked on rwy 26, Airfield A2 awaiting reset
99Ouaibe Notre pilote de combattant de la France
99Xani Still has an 8-Track player in his car
99MechInf Ground Support Specialist
99Jann Inventor of the JANN sight
99Redhand Lámh Dhearg Uladh
99crush ___________________________________